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McGraphix Creative — Creative, Marketing Design and so much more!

Welcome to McGraphix Creative—where custom is our expertise and the canvas is wide open.

We know the value of a proper brand and the importance it plays in setting the tone for selling a product, attracting donors or promoting an event or special occasion. And we're really good at preparing and implementing a marketing strategy that's spot-on too!—Perfect for your needs, on time and on budget.


So, let's get started!

McGraphix Creative — Video & Events!

We know video & events inside and out. 


From corporate conferences and glitzy gala events, to non-profit recognition events, we provide brilliant solutions for your special events needs. We offer services ala carte and yet we're truly a one-stop shop — complete with all the creativity for marketing and promotion, design and decor, F&B coordination and location relations, video production and multimedia solutions .... right on down to the nitty-gritty details!


Let's plan your next event and/or "ask" video today!



For more information and estimates — let's chat!




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